Papua New Guinea Roasted duck billets

The characteristics of Le Shou duck billets are "delicious meat, rosy color, crispy skin, tender meat, plump and fragrant meat, fragrant aroma, and fat but not greasy"


Papua New GuineaRoasted Duck Billets

Product Description

Roast Duck Blank

Integrating duck breeding, feed production, meat duck breeding, slaughtering and production, and cold chain logistics, through the entire process of breeding supervision and the use of high-quality specialized feed, Leshou duck blanks are guaranteed to have the characteristics of "fresh and delicious meat, red color, crispy and tender skin, mellow and fragrant meat, fragrant aroma, and fat but not greasy".

Divided Duck Products

Part of the duck products of Leshou Duck Industry are sold to Hebei Leshou Food Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leshou Group, producing Leshou Duck leisure braised products. This product combines traditional soy sauce and modern technology to produce Le Shou five flavored duck, spicy duck, duck leisure products, etc. Its sales channels include distributors, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, canteens, and e-commerce, creating an online and offline brand of Le Shou duck, providing consumers with green, safe, and reassuring food.