Le Shou Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group's Innovation Commendation Conference Held in the First Half of 2018



       2018Year8Month4Ri, Le Shouagriculture and animal husbandryGroup2018In the first half of the year, the innovation commendation conference was held ceremoniously in the conference room on the fifth floor of the group. GroupMain leadersGeneral manager of each business unit and award-winning personnel of each innovation projectStaff representativesWaitTotal80MultiplayerAttended this commendation meeting.The meeting was presided over by Zhong Jinghong, President of the Group.At the beginning of the meeting, all the staff stood up to read the oath of music life and sang the song of music life.

At the meeting, the general managers of each division reported on the innovation work of the division in the first half of the year and the innovation work plan in the second half of the year. In the first half of the year, all business units actively exerted their subjective initiative, actively used their brains, and had the courage to try, and all achieved great results.SubsequentlyChairman reads out innovation commendation decision, andEnter the awards session.This commendationWillIt is divided into 6Level of Awardsincluding the first prize12Item,Second prize4Third Prize5New patent application award7Item,Paper publishedAward5,Encouragement Award 10Item.After the award ceremony, representatives of the winners took the stage to speak. The delegates shared.Experience of innovation,The joy of winning the award, at the same time, said that in the future work will continue to develop and innovate,MoreInnovation results,Come on.Feedbackgiven by the company.Honor.

      Subsequently, groupChairmanA concluding speech.The chairman pointed out,In today's increasingly competitive society, innovation has become the key to an invincible position. Enterprises should rely on science and technology to achieve leapfrog development, so as to achieve the transition from traditional enterprises to new enterprises. Scientific and technological innovation plays a great role in supporting the development of enterprises. The development of enterprises must rely on scientific and technological innovation, which is the key to the everlasting foundation of enterprises.At the end of the meeting, the chairmanHow to promote the group's technological innovation activities, put forward the following opinions1. fully understand the important role of innovation in the development of enterprises. 2.Strengthen the daily management of innovative organizations.3.Give full play to subjective initiative and do all kinds of work well with innovative thinking..4.Increase the rewards for innovative achievements, and implement heavy awards for important projects. In the future, it is necessary to continuously improve the incentives for innovative projects and create the consciousness of all employees to innovate and innovate.Five,To strengthen the organization and leadership of innovation work, the general manager is required to plan, deploy and promote it personally.

This innovation commendation conference has pushed the group's innovation work to a new stage. I believe that under the leadership of the group's board of directors and with the joint efforts of the majority of employees, the innovation work of Leshou Group will be further advanced.


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