Bidding Documents for New Construction of Guozhuang Sewage Collected Pool of Guozhuang Branch of Hebei Leshou Duck Industry Co., Ltd.



1. Company Profile

Hebei Leshou Duck Industry Co., Ltd. is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. It is a well-known roast duck blank production enterprise in the country. Its main businesses include duck breeding, feed processing, meat duck breeding, slaughter and billet making, cooked food processing, roast duck and cooked food chain stores. The above businesses have formed a relatively complete roast duck industry chain with the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and have achieved a good situation of deep integration and tertiary industries, it has won many honorary titles such as national high-tech enterprise, single champion product of Hebei Province, quality benchmark enterprise, municipal government quality award and so on.

2019In Guozhuang Town, Xian County, invested in the construction of the second slaughter plant, construction.4500Ten thousand meat duck slaughter line and supporting projects. Project Investment in fixed assets1.5100 million yuan, total construction area31209The main products are split meat ducks and duck accessories, which provide raw materials for the company's snack food brands. There are two split duck production lines in the plant, with a daily slaughter volume of up15Ten thousand ducks slaughtered annually4500Ten thousand only.

2. Project Name and Bidding Description

1Project Name: Bidding Document for the New Construction of Guo Zhuang Sewage Collection Pool by Guo Zhuang Branch of Hebei Leshou Duck Industry Co., Ltd.

2This tender is the company's sewage collection pool construction tender, in accordance with the company's tender system, the tender through the unit and the company signed a formal construction contract.

3Contents of Bidding

Construction content: newly built Guozhuang sewage collection tank; see the design drawings and bill of quantities of sewage collection tank for details.

4, the company is scheduled7Month25Day-29During this period, please focus on the site to prepare the bidding materials. If you are interested in participating, please contact8Month3The bidding documents (sealed and kept) shall be sent or mailed to the company before 6: 00 p.m. on the 2nd. the receiving address shall be the bidding and purchasing office (administration department on the third floor) of Leshou agriculture and animal husbandry group, qizuong village, Leshou town, xian county, Cangzhou city, Hebei province. according to the receipt of the bidding documents as the conditions for participating in the bid opening, the participation method shall be informed.

  • Bidding method: public bidding
  • Bid Requirements:
  1. Contract method: quotation shall be made in two ways: (1) except for the main materials supplied by party a, the main materials supplied by party a include standard bricks, steel bars, concrete, cement and medium sand.

(II) all works

2Quality standards: all qualified, in line with the company's requirements.

3Scope of bidding: all contents included in the construction content.

4, quotation composition and quotation method, payment method

After the project is completed and accepted by Party A, and Party B provides the full invoice for the total project price, Party A will pay Party B for the project.95%Project payment, the remaining total project price.5%As a quality guarantee, it will be paid in full one year after the date of acceptance by Party A without quality problems.

51. Requirements for construction period: to be completed within one month after the bidding is completed and the construction contract is signed.

Five Information provided for quotation

1Bidder's Business License

2B. The bill of quantities of the bid quotation shall be filled in after being signed and confirmed by the bidder.

32. Valuation analysis table of the bill of quantities of the tender offer.

6. time and place of bid opening

The Company will2022Year7Month5The bidding documents will be published on the official websites and public numbers of Leshou Group and Leshou Duck Industry on the 1st, and will be sent to all intended construction suppliers. All bidding units are requested2022Year8Month3The tender documents, company qualifications and other information will be submitted or mailed to the company on site in accordance with the requirements of the tender documents.2022Year8Month5Friday morning9Point in the company conference room or through the good vision software online for comprehensive bid opening, bid evaluation.

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