Le Shou Group's 2017 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and Art Performance Held Ceremoniously



On January 6, 2018, Le Shou Group's 2017 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and Art Show were solemnly held in the conference hall on the fifth floor of the Group. Group chairman, president, general managers of various business units, commended personnel and employee representatives, a total of about 210 people attended the meeting.



At the beginning of the meeting, all stood up to read the oath of Le Shou Group and sang the song of Le Shou.


Li Banyun, chairman of the group, made a report on "Leshou Group's 2017 Work Summary and 2018 Work Plan", summarizing the highlights and deficiencies of the group and its divisions in 2017, and formulating the group's 2018 work plan, pointing out the direction for future work and encouraging the drive.


Later, Zhong Jinghong, president of the group, read out the "2017 Commendation Decision".Representatives of advanced collectives Liu Yigui and Shi Nan, representatives of outstanding managers Ma Leiguo, representatives of outstanding team leaders Yan Haiyan, and representatives of outstanding employees Ding Qiaoyan, Li Zonggang, Gao Fei and Diao Xijiang took the stage to speak respectively.


Later, entering the award ceremony, this commendation meeting presented a special award. There is a salesman named Li Dingding in the group's feed division. He has a virtuous wife named Zhao Jinguang. Zhao Jinguang is a primary school teacher of Yanming Central School in Zhao Sanjiao Village, Linhe Township, Xian County.


What Teacher Zhao praised to the people is not only her love and dedication, and her enthusiastic teaching deeds, but more importantly, she embodies the most valuable quality of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation-filial piety and respect for relatives. 


      From the day he got married, Zhao Jinguang resolutely assumed the responsibility of taking care of his sick uncle and father-in-law with her husband. He worked for 16 years. For 16 years, the couple had no regrets and took good care of them, so that the elderly could enjoy their old age happily. Filial piety comes first. The glorious deeds of the couple were widely praised by the people of the neighboring villages.This valuable quality of Li Dingding and Zhao Jinguang not only highlights the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, but also embodies the excellent cultural concept of "being honest and doing things in a down-to-earth manner. In recognition of the couple's good deeds and filial piety. The group specially awarded this special award and called on the cadres and employees to learn from Li Dingding and his wife, carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and carry forward the positive energy of happy life culture!


At the meeting, a video link with the group's Lhasa office was carefully prepared to celebrate this special day with Leshou compatriots stationed far away in Lhasa.


The staff of Lhasa office brought blessings from the plateau and said that in the work in 2018, they will take the commended comrades as an example, live up to their mission and contribute to the development of the group.


At the end of the meeting, Li Bianyun, chairman of the group, signed a safety production responsibility form with the general managers of each division to standardize the safety production management of each division.


2017, the golden rooster is diligent, full of mission and honor, and has gradually drifted away from us. 2018, the golden dog is prosperous, and a year full of opportunities and challenges is coming. In 2018, which is full of hope, all of us Leshou people must thoroughly implement the cultural concept of "being honest and doing things in a down-to-earth manner" and strive for a better tomorrow for Leshou Group!

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