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Enterprise Profile

Hebei Leshou Duck Industry Co., Ltd. is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. It is a well-known roast duck blank production enterprise in the country. Its main businesses include duck breeding, feed processing, meat duck breeding, slaughter and billet making, cooked food processing, roast duck and cooked food chain stores. The above businesses have formed a relatively complete roast duck industry chain with the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and have achieved a good situation of deep integration and tertiary industries, it has won many honorary titles such as national high-tech enterprise, single champion product of Hebei Province, quality benchmark enterprise, municipal government quality award and so on.

Project Name and Bidding Description

1. Project Name: Hebei Leshou Duck Industry Co., Ltd. Public Bidding for Duck Blood Contract Sales in 2023.

2.1 This tender is the tender for the 2023 duck blood contract sales in the two factories of Nanhetou and Guozhuang of the company. It is conducted in accordance with the company's tender system. The unit that passed the tender has signed a formal contract with the company. The time limit for this company's business contract is from February 01, 2023 to January 31, 2024 (after the Spring Festival in 2023 to before the Spring Festival in 2024), for a period of one year.

2.2 bidding scale: the duck blank production line in nanhetou factory of the company has a production capacity of 50000 duck blood per day, the specific quantity is subject to the actual production quantity, and the average weight of feather duck is 2.8-3.1kg/duck. The duck blank production line in Guozhuang factory has a production capacity of 110000 duck blood per day. The specific quantity is subject to the actual production quantity. The average weight of feather duck is 2.8-3.1kg/duck.

2.3 bidding qualifications and requirements:

1) Experience in processing, production and sales of duck products, business license and production and operation license are required to meet national safety and health requirements;

2) Be able to organize and manage production and processing activities, and the contractor is responsible for the preservation and transportation of duck blood;

3) In principle, the two factories will win the bid. The bidder will call Party A's account 100000 yuan of bid bond in advance, which can be converted into deposit after winning the bid. If the bid is not won and does not violate the relevant regulations of bidding, Party A shall return the deposit in full the day after the bid is unveiled.

For which plant area the bidder intends to bid, please transfer the bid bond to the corresponding company account;

Nanhetou Factory Account: Hebei Leshou Duck Industry Co., Ltd., opening bank: Leshou Sub-branch of Xian County, Agricultural Bank of China, account number: 50618301040004216, note duck blood bid bond.

Guo Zhuang factory account: Hebei leshou duck industry co., ltd, opening bank: agricultural bank xian county chengdong sub-branch account number: 50617701040008805, note duck blood bid deposit.

Please remit the deposit to the above designated account before 17:00 p.m. on November 24, 2022

4) Deposit: Nanhetou factory deposit is 300000 yuan and Guozhuang factory deposit is 500000 yuan. If the bid is won, the winning unit deposit will transfer the remaining deposit to the company's account within 3 days after receiving the bid-winning notice. Failure to do so within the time limit will be deemed as a waiver of the bid-winning qualification, and the company has the right to confiscate the bid security fund.

Bidding Method

Invitation to tender, open tender

Winning Conditions

(1) The selling price of duck blood is higher than that of Liuhe Group's duck blood.     Yuan/only or% higher than the duck blood quotation of Liuhe Group, according to the settlement, no matter which method is adopted, should not be lower than the local highest price settlement, the winning order according to the bidding price in turn;

(2) When the price difference is not large, the winning bid is ranked from high to low according to the deposit and advance payment.

(3) Under the same conditions, the original contract owner shall win the bid first. In principle, two factories cannot be one.

The specific situation shall be determined by the bidding team.

(4) After winning the bid, no matter what changes in the market, the two parties cannot terminate the contract at will except for force majeure.

The deposit cannot be used, and the deposit is used as a contract deposit, which will not be renewed and returned when the contract expires.

Information provided for quotation

Preparation of 5.1 Bidding Documents

The bid applicant shall carefully read all the contents of the bidding documents, submit complete bidding documents and ensure their authenticity. Tender documents that are not true will be considered invalid.

5.2 Bidding Document Format

The bid documents submitted by the bid applicant must use the bid document format provided in the bidding documents.

Composition of 5.3 Bidding Documents

The bid document shall include the following parts. Please refer to the format of the bid document for the specific content and preparation form:

Bid letter; legal representative power of attorney; introduction of the enterprise; price quotation bidder qualification documents; all the above information stamped with the official seal.

5.4 Bid documents shall be bound in A4 size.

Number of copies and signatures of 5.5 bid documents

The bid documents shall be made in duplicate, one original and one copy. If there is any inconsistency between the original and the copy of the tender documents, the original shall prevail. If necessary modifications are made to the incorrect leakage of the tender documents, the original signatory shall sign and affix the seal.


Time and place of bid opening

The Company will publish the bidding documents on November 14, 2022 on the official websites and public numbers of Leshou Group, Leshou Duck Industry. All bidding units are requested to submit the bidding documents, company qualifications and other materials to the Company on site or mail them to the Company before November 24, 2022 according to the requirements of the bidding documents. The receiving address is: Leshou Town, Xian County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, Qizhong Village, advise the manner of participation based on receipt of bids as a condition of participation in bid opening. The company will hold offline or online comprehensive bid opening and evaluation at 9: 00 a.m. on November 25, 2022 (Friday) in conference room 1 of the group.


Site Investigation Contact:

Manager Li: 13733275637

Manager Cheng: 13833743166

Tendering Contact:

Manager Tang: 18632798771


Hebei Leshou Duck Industry Co., Ltd.

14 November 2022

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